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Role- Director/ Animator

Had the absolutely most fun directing this music video for Khai Dreams :) They approached me looking for anime style, and I give her anime style!


Story- Khai Dreams
AWAL Video Commissioner- Bianca Bhagat
AWAL VP Marketing- Justin Macchio
Music Management- Justin Lehmann
Agency- Kelly Norris Sarno | Agency Arts
Directed/ Produced/ Edited- Yana Pan
Art Directed- Yana Pan
Character Design- Ruilin Fan, Yana Pan
Storyboard Art- Atom Benjamin
Background Art- Yara Elfouly
Concept Art- Yana Pan
FX Animation- Kyunglee “Kaylee” Park, Zack Lydon, Atom Benjamin
Key Animation- Atom Benjamin, Kyunglee “Kaylee” Park, Zack Lydon, Alex Barsky, Yana Pan
Clean up Animation- Yana Pan, Atom Benjamin, Kyunglee “Kaylee” Park, Yara Elfouly, Alex Ahr, Emi Sun, Cameron McManus, Nathan Sonenfeld, Sammy Lamb, Lei Chen
Composited- David Delafuente, Yana Pan



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