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InBetweens Collective is a commercial creative studio. We provide additional services such as: Stop Motion Animation Production, Fabrication, Graphic Design and more. We provide visual service for you that’s specifically craft to your needs.

Regi: Cissi Efraimsson
Foto: Karolina Pajak
Produktion & kostym: Sofie Krunegård
Scenografi: Marika Åkerblom
Inspelningsledare: Lisa Pyk Wirström
Ljusdesign: Anton Andersson & Max Becedas Börjesson
Hårstyling: Tony Lundström Makup: Daniela Mengarelli
Animation: Yana Pan
Grade: Miles Lembke
Scenografiassistenter: Frida Angberg & Lotta Nordin
Skådespelare Aeneas Kolev



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